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Free Appraisals
A Lifetime Spent Helping Others

Buoyed by the excitement of starting a new adventure – and despite a little trepidation --  Earl Dempsey is about to join the legion of baby boomers that retire each year.

“I’m still not sure about retiring but it’s time,” says Earl (pictured above with Warren Anapolsky, left), whose last day at California Loan & Jewelry will be December 29. “I’m 72 and I want to spend more time with my wife and do some traveling.” For starters Earl and Denise look forward to visiting Texas and Alaska. And they’ll also try their hand at fly fishing, thanks to the lessons Santa delivered this year.

Born and raised in Sacramento, Earl has been in the jewelry business virtually his entire life. On Saturdays, at age 5, he’d help clean the shelves at his dad’s jewelry store, Joseph Bezdeka Jewelry Store, at the corner of J and 10th streets. Earl was hooked. The Dempsey family jewelry business continued to prosper, eventually growing to multiple locations. Finally, in 1993 the last Dempsey & Son Jewelry Store closed in the Town & Country Mall.

For the next few years, Earl traveled the West helping to close jewelry stores that were going out of business. But by 2000, Earl had grown weary of being away from home for months at a time. He weighed several opportunities, ultimately deciding to join longtime family friends, the Anapolskys, at California Loan & Jewelry. “We knew Earl would add value to our business, but his diligence, customer service, dependability and work ethic exceeded our expectations,” says Warren Anapolsky, owner of California Loan & Jewelry. “Earl’s tenure with us could only be described as the perfect fit – for us and for him.”

Although he is looking forward to the next chapter of his life, Earl knows he’s going to miss the laughs and good times at California Loan & Jewelry. “I’ll miss the people – on both sides of the counter,” says Earl. “I’ve been serving customers all my life. It’s such a good feeling to be able to help someone.”

Over the course of his career, Earl has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of Sacramentans. If you’re one of those people, now is the time to let Earl know how you feel and wish him well. If you’re in the neighborhood between now and December 29, feel free to stop by. If you can’t get downtown, you can still extend congratulations through email: et

Warren knows California Loan & Jewelry will miss Earl. “We wish him good health and happiness in his retirement.”

Below: The staff at California Loan & Jewelry celebrates Earl's retirement. From left: Ramona Mauleon, Adam Anapolsky, Elsa Cristina, Warren Anapolsky, Earl, John Appelbaum.