We Want Your Business, Not Your Merchandise

Having been in busy for over 100 years, California Loan & Jewelry has learned that one of the keys to its longevity is building and maintaining customer relationships—now and into the future. And when it comes to pawn, we are committed to loaning you the most money possible and as quickly as possible.But there’s another reason to choose California Loan & Jewelry: We’ll work with you to ensure your merchandise is not forfeited. That’s right, we go out of our way to make sure you don’t lose possession of your items. We want your business, not your merchandise.For many people, pawning something can be an emotional experience, especially if the item has sentimental value. We can reduce the stress by working with you to ensure that you don’t lose your item. The loan period in California is 120 days plus a 10-day grace period. The law requires us to send you one notice prior to your loan coming due. But California Loan & Jewelry will send you at least two notices – sometimes more — in advance of those deadlines.Over 90% of California Loan & Jewelry’s loans are paid in full. As long as you communicate with us we will hold the merchandise as long as possible, giving you time to pay the interest or pay the loan in full.