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Didgeridoo Wins Odd Pawn Contest

It may or may not have the special spiritual and healing powers, but there’s no doubt that a Didgeridoo is plenty odd. Odd enough to win the 2015 Odd Pawn Contest and net $300 in cash for its owner Mick. Also known as a natural wood trumpet, the Didgeridoo (being held by Warren Anapolsky in the photo) is native to northern Australia but Mick got it as a gift while attending a Burning Man event.Second place went to Reggie’s cigarette lighter in the shape of a hand grenade; it also yells “Fire” when you light the flame. Other finalists included an Indian sculpture called “Fire Dancer”, a Domain of Neptunas Rex, a certificate to someone on their first crossing of the equator, and another cigarette lighter, this one in the shape of a lobster claw.Thanks to everyone who entered! Courtney Dempsey and Good Day Sacramento was on hand for the announcement of the winners. You can check out their video by clicking here.