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The Odder The Better

How to win $300 in Our Odd Pawn Contest
California Loan & Jewelry’s fourth annual Odd Pawn Contest is under way. The contest celebrates all things odd, unusual or weird.
Having been in business for over 100 years, the staff at Cal Loan has certainly seen a lot – but they know they haven’t seen it all. So scour the garage, dig through those closets and look under the bed. If you see something that screams “what the heck is that?” we want to see it!
And what you find may be odd enough to win an appearance on Good Day Sacramento and $300 cash.
Last year’s winner was an antique fire grenade. Other winners include a hair dryer that looks like a Magnum handgun and a cyanide pill from WWII.
The contest can be entered by sending an email to and typing ODD PAWN in the subject field. In the email, include a photo of the item and a description of it. As an alternative, you can bring the item to the store, 916 J Street in downtown Sacramento, for review.
The contest ends at 5pm May 14. Finalists will be notified no later than 5pm May 15. In order to qualify for the grand prize, finalists must agree to appear on Good Day Sacramento by being at our store with their items by 8am May 18.
For additional details, give us a call at 916.446.6175. Complete contest rules are available by clicking here.